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What are chakras for?

Definition of What are chakras for?

The chakras or circles in Sanskrit are located in different parts of the body and represent the energy that exists in them. They are 7 energy centers with the ability to unite the mind with the body and thus promote the connection between the emotional, physical, spiritual and social.

This concept, widely spread in Eastern culture and popularized in Western culture, uses yoga and meditation as its main tools to balance the functioning of the 7 chakras in order to obtain the well-being of the person.

The importance of the chakras

The chakras must be able to rotate freely in the person, they have the ability to absorb energy, process it, assimilate it according to the vibrations of the individual and generate a visible response in a physiological way. The basis for understanding what the chakras are for is based on the belief that everything is really energy.

They are also known as vortexes and are located along the entire spine, starting from the coccyx and reaching the crown of the head.

When the person is aware of their existence is able to take care and improve at the same time aspect of the physical plane and consciousness.

How to know that the chakras are blocked?

When there are imbalances or blockages in some of the 7 chakras it manifests itself through various diseases.

This means that there is negative energy that prevents to function at optimal levels and emotions such as worry and fear, as well as problems arise in aspects of prosperity and happiness.

If a person believes to have some of the chakras blocked, it is possible to identify it from ailments of certain types in the body and difficulties in concentration, getting to sleep, lack of motivation, impotence and problems for social relationships.