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Definition of Amorfoda

Word game that comes from the Portuguese language and that translated into Spanish means “fuck love” or “fuck love”. In other words, it is a term that describes deep spite.

Foda is a Portuguese word that literally means “fuck it”. It is used in a derogatory way. Example: Amor Foda would mean “love to shit”.


  1. To hell love
  2. I don’t want to know about love
  3. F#ck love


The word amorphous comes from a union of two terms in Portuguese, namely love and swotThe first term has the same meaning as in Spanish, while the second means “fuck” in the sense of insult. Therefore, the literal meaning is “fuck love”.

The popularity and origin of the term has been due to urban music. Specifically, the artist Bad Bunny created in 2018 a song that he titled with this term and that became popular in much of the world.


Amorfoda is the name given to a Bad Bunny song from 2018. The single constitutes a clear composition of spite that alludes to the meaning of the term.

The song “Amorfoda” has at least 20 different versions between covers and adaptations to other genres on different platforms such as Deezer and Spotify.