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Definition of Tutaina

The word tutaina is a Peruvian term that refers to a celebration, in this case it is a small party where close friends or very close family can go.

The term is mostly used during the Christmas season, alluding to the small gatherings that are made to sing to the child God or to be with the family celebrating the holidays.


  1. Feast
  2. Small celebration
  3. Gathering
  4. Little meeting
  5. Small party
  6. Little party


The word tutaina is a Swahili dialect that literally means “we will do it”. This term is colloquial within the culture of Peru, and its inhabitants make use of this word to determine that a family reunion or meeting between close friends has been delayed or has been very crowded.

For example, “la tutaina duró toda la noche”, “estuve en la tutaina hasta bien tarde”, in general. The word tutaina is used in villages in the country of Peru, hence its use is more colloquial and informal than other words.


“Tutaina” is the title of a famous carol that tells the story of a small family reunion, similar to the novena of the child God where people sing joyfully and very hopeful because the Messiah has arrived from heaven.

The carol lacks a verifiable composer, but what we do know is that it is a very catchy song, its rhythm and its chorus which is intoned “Tutaina tuturumaima”.

Although its author is not known, this Christmas song has traveled around the world and is one of the main songs heard in the radio stations thanks to its popularity.