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Definition of Traqueteo

In the informal urban slang of the exponents of the reggaeton music genre it refers to doing dirty business, or also to when there are “weird movements”, not legal.

It also refers to the continuous noise of the engine of a heavy vehicle or the sound of fireworks.

Usually clumsy movement of a person who hits something when transporting it from one point to another.


  1. Doing dirty business
  2. Swaying, shaking
  3. Loud noise

ORIGIN OF Traqueteo

The origin of traqueteo probably comes from traquete, constituted by the diminutive of “traque” and the suffix -ear.

However, we hear it as part of the vocabulary used by reggaetoneros as a meaning for drug trafficking, most likely a deformation of the anglicized word track (“rastrear”).

It is related to the sense of “moving something from one place to another” but in terms of illegality.

Although reggaeton has become a worldwide musical style, its birth took place in Puerto Rico, an island with a very distinctive American lexicon, which also has a great richness and to which colloquialisms and words used by different Spanish-speaking societies were added.


There are those who consider the English verb “to track” which means to trace, as the origin of this meaning of traqueteo since traqueteo is to be in such illicit or dirty business.