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Que me lleve el tiburón

Definition of Que me lleve el tiburón

This expression is used in the slang of urban music singers to refer to taking a woman to a motel.

SYNONYMS FOR Que me lleve el tiburón

  1. Taking a woman to a motel to have sex.

ORIGIN OF Que me lleve el tiburón

In 1993 the group Proyecto uno released “El Tiburón”, a mix of merengue, hip hop and house with Spanglish lyrics that even now, after its release, continues to be played at the best parties.

The song was inspired by an anecdote told by the members of the group, in which they say that the typical “sharks” would arrive at the disco to take their girls and from that moment on, with that expression they created the hit song “tiburón” (shark).

It is very likely that this is the origin of the use of the phrase. Reggaeton is not only a relatively new genre, but it also tends to introduce words, thus expanding the language and street vocabulary used by the exponents of this genre.

These beginnings remain in the memory, not only of those who are now contemporary adults and see this as a past that continues to be very present.

They are also present in the new generations, who do not see it only as a rhythm or a genre, but as a lifestyle, with which their fans are already familiar, many from their early years of life given the environment in which they have grown up.

CURIOSITIES OF Que me lleve el tiburón

Alexis y Fido in their song titled “Tiburón” say, “Mamá, que tú quieres (Que me lleve el tiburón!) So put pressure on him…”

Also in tattoo designs sharks have managed to sneak in, although in that culture they have a more positive character and its meaning is related to an intelligent character. It represents power and courage, authority, strength and energy.