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Definition of Transexual

The word transsexual refers to those people who, at birth, do not feel that they correspond to the gender they have and wish to change to another.

Generally, when they come of age, they can opt for a sex reassignment operation, changing their genitals for those of the opposite sex, as the case may be.


  1. ● Imitator
  2. ● Transvestite
  3. ● Transgender
  4. ● Transvestism

ORIGIN OF Transexual

The word transsexual is a compound word, the prefix trans and the suffix sexual.

Trans refers to transfer, to go from one side to another, to change places or sides, to vary, to change, hence the word transsexual has to do with the change of gender, with a vision of gender different from the one naturally possessed.

If we talk about the origin of use and frequency, this term began to be heard from the 2000s when the social struggle and equality, society claimed the rights to be respected according to their tastes and preferences.


Lili Elbe, that is the name of the first transgender person ever documented in history. She was born in 1882 in Germany, her birth name was Einar Magnus Andrea.

She was the first transgender woman who also had sex reassignment surgery. She began to realize what she really wanted when in a painting, she was asked to stand in for the artist wearing stockings and heels.

Einar felt so comfortable in this attire that he subsequently began to dress as a woman until he decided to have the operation. He was seen at parties and celebrations in heels and weddings, his family was also the first to support him in his change, especially his wife.