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Definition of Toyaco

The word Toyaco or toy is used within the hip-hop culture to refer to people who can be handled and influenced, without their own style and who live the movement as a fashion.


  1. Influencible
  2. Manipulable
  3. Toy
  4. Fake


Toyaco is used within the urban movement in general from hip hop to regueton, for those who seek to enter the urban movement without really feeling it just for fashion, those who want to be part of it without knowing what it is.

The motives are usually fashion or the search for social acceptance. In the world of urban art, a person who is dedicated to copying the style without lacking identity is called a toyaco.

Thus, many of the genre’s exponents refer to their contradictors as ‘toyacos’ simply because they do not conform to their austere, closed concept of the urban scene.

The term is linked to the world of graffiti, which was born and developed in the poorest and most decadent neighborhoods of New York such as Brooklyn, Harlem or the Bronx, as a counter-cultural manifestation in the late 60’s. At that time it was called “graffiti”.

At that time it was called “writer” to those who made graffiti but lacked experience, was too incompetent, used cheap covers and had too bad a style.


Recently the word “toyaco” has already lost popularity among the exponents of the urban genre, being more used to designate the fake ones the word “feka”.

Toyako is also the name of a lake (Lake Toya) in the Hokkaido region of Japan, but in the world of Hip Hop this word was first used on the Internet when Genzai Kawakami used it on December 1, 2004.