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Definition of Tiki

In the cultures of Polynesia (a sub-region made up of more than a thousand islands in the Pacific Ocean), the large statues of the human figure are known as tiki , which are sometimes built to define spiritual or sacred sites.

In the United States , this word is related to bars and restaurants. North Americans have adopted part of the culture to decorate these places with brightly colored fabrics, wicker chairs, music and exotic rum cocktails decorated with lighted torches.

Tiki in Argentina

In the South American country, the word tiki is related to terror , some dark event or magical characteristics.

Tiki Taka

Likewise, Argentines use the expression “tiki taka” to refer to cash payments . For example:

  • Hey Luis, does that cost how much?
  • 150 pesos
  • When do you have to pay it?
  • Tiki Taka

Levante Tikibombom

” Tikibombom” is the title of one of the hits of the Italian singer-songwriter Levante. This musical theme is part of the fourth album ” Magmamemoria ” and competes in the Sanremo 2020 festival.

Tiki and 6ix9ine

This word can be used wrongly to identify one of the songs of rapper 6ix9ine with Nicki Minaj and Kanye West , entitled “Mama”. This melody is part of the successful studio album ” Dummy Boy ” of 2018.

For this next September 4, 2020 , the singer plans to release his second album that will be titled ” Tattle Tales “.

Mama lyrics in spanish:

?? Uh

Murda on the beat, so it’s not nice!

Tiki Taki, Spanish mommy, she’s a hot tamale (Hot)

Make him spend that money, dummy, he’s late for me (Pop it)

Pop, pop, she starts, she’ll never stop

little thottie, thottarati choosin ‘everybody ??

To conclude, the word Hei Tiki is indicated , which refers to a figure in the shape of a fetus that is mostly used by the ladies of the Maori ethnic groups (New Zealand ethnic groups) as a kind of necklace. According to their beliefs, this figure is a magical and powerful symbol for fertility.