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Definition of Ava

The word “Ava” is very common in female names from Hispanic American countries . It has a Hebrew connotation that translates to “she who gives life.” It is said that it comes from the word eve, which comes from the Hebrew chavah which means “life.”

However, different meanings have emerged for this term, some relate it to life or water.

Others point out that it comes from the Latin avis which means ” bird ” and they incline its connotation with birds. Also , according to Persian roots, they emphasize that it has to do with voice or sound .

“Ava” in conjunction with “avo”, refers to a Latin American suffix used for partitive numerals starting from cardinal numbers.

Example: Twelfth, twelfth.

People with the name Ava

People by the name of Ava tend to be very docile and kind. They have a helpful spirit and are characterized by being radiant people. Among the famous women who have this name, is the American actress Ava Gardner and the renowned singer Amanda Ava Koci (Ava Max)

Ava of 6ix9ine

Ava is one of the songs from the second studio album by the American rapper 6ix9ine entitled ” Tattle Tales “.

The singer shared his new album at the beginning of September 2020, surrounded by various controversies after his release from prison for being an alleged “snitch.”

This song is number 13 on his new album.

6ix9ine song lyrics snippet

fragment of lyrics of the song

??Oh my God, Ronny

Oh my gosh Ronny

Got my mind on my money, can’t lose, I only win

I have my mind on money, I can’t lose just win

Tell a nigga, like Fefe, I don’t really want no friends

Tell a nigga like Fefe I really don’t want no friends

And if I don’t move right, I could lose my life, I swear

And if I don’t move straight I can lose my life, I swear

So I gotta move with it, gotta keep it on me, it’s right here

So I have to move, I have to keep it on me, it’s here.