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Definition of Jalete

The word jalete, is an expression that is usually offensive and derogatory in character to point out a person who performs exaggerated actions at the pleasure of another. A jalete is also considered a dragged person or bootlicker.

This word can also be attributed to a person who supports the actions of another even if they are wrong or wrong.

Uses of the word jalete

Example 1:

“You listened? Luis told the boss that he could give him his shirt at the end of the day ”.

“And that, for what?”

“He intends to wash it. Hahahaha Wao what a pull ”.

Example 2:

“Do you want this Governor?”

“No, we no longer want that jalete Governor who supports an inefficient president.”

Origin of the term jalete

This expression is widely used in Latin countries and especially on the subject of politics, serving as a qualifier for different public figures.

There is no precise origin for the word jalete , however, it is presumed that it was born as a result of terms such as: “ jala mecate” or “ jala bola”. These are genuine expressions of Venezuela, and their origins are presumed to be the following:

Pull rope: In the wars of independence, when the highest ranking officers rested in hammocks (lounger, rocking chair, litter, cot), they asked an inferior soldier to rock the rope pulling the rope.

Pull balls: At the beginning of the 20th century, prisoners in Venezuela were put to work with a heavy ball tied to one foot. Those inmates who had more money paid other inmates to pull the ball and thus make less effort.