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Definition of Tetas

When you interact with your environment and hear the word Tetas,what meaning do you give it?, you often have to search the memory or analyze the context where you are to find the correct representation, because a single word has different significants that vary by region or country. We show you!

The word Tetas or teta (its singular) is a feminine noun, which in its varied connotation can refer to the breasts of the woman, breasts of some animals that secrete milk for their homemade young or ice cream of a Latin American country. Tetas is also used as the name of a literary work by the famous short story writer and novelist Suzy Mckee Charnas, who was worthy of the 1990 Hugo Award.

Etymology of Tetas

The etymological origin of this word is not yet known for sure. However, it is speculated that this term may be a derivative of the Germanic “titta” from the Greek “tith“.

In Spanish it is “Teta”, in English“tit“, French “tete” and Italian “Tetta“.

Meaning of Tetas in Latin America


This expression is widely used in the colloquial language of Venezuelans to refer to the breasts of women, breasts of animals capable of breastfeeding and a prominent peculiarity of this country, is that with this word are known the popular homemade ice creams.

  • He sells me a chocolate teta, please.”
  • Give the kid teta”.


It is used to refer ordinaryly to the breasts of a woman or breasts of animals.

  • “The cow’s tetas are full.”

Costa Rica

In this country the word has different meanings. It refers to a woman’s breasts, bulging a street or pneumatic, work that generates wonderful gains in exchange for little effort, and even to refer to a person being bad or useless.

  • You’ll be barbaric, this street has a lot of tetas!
  • She’s teta, how could she fail?!


It is used to allude to the woman’s breasts. They also use it to show that a woman has little intelligence or that she learns slowly.

  • she’s teta, she doesn’t understand.”


It is expressed to refer to the women’s breasts and also to mention aunt (kinship).

  • Hello teta, I’m here!

No more tetas ?

There are terms we use in our daily lives and we often ignore their meaning or provenance. That is why it never takes too much to learn about different cultures and the meaning of their expressions.

At the moment, we recommend buying a rich chocolate teta and continue to review all the meanings offered by our library. We’re waiting for you!