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Definition of Quds

After the political and military tensions between the United States and Iran, the term Quds has jumped into the international arena. The Quds works as an Iranian military corps, but that is not all, then we will tell you what Quds means and what its origins are.

The Quds is a military division of the Iranian army specializing in military intelligence and non-traditional forms of war.

Starting from its origins the meaning of Quds is “Force of Israel” , this body belongs to the Commands of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard.

The origin of Quds dates back to the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, during this war the Quds body was created to liberal the Muslim land.

This combat force has participated in several armed conflicts throughout its existence.

He has recently been involved in fighting against the Islamic state and other Islamic paramilitary groups.

Currently this military body is present in a large number of countries in the Middle East and Africa.

As a note, in January 2020, General Qasem Soleimani (general commander of the Quds) was killed by an American air strike.

This murder has created a great international trend between the United States and Iran, bringing the situation closer and closer to an armed conflict between the two countries.