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d slur

Definition of d slur

It originated as an insult, literally “dyke”, in the English language to designate a girl or woman with masculine features. In other words, it was a derogatory way of saying lesbian.

In LGTBIQ movements, the “d” or “dyke” is associated with assertiveness, tenacity and is taken as an accepted synonym for lesbian.


The expression d slur, comes from the English language. It has been an abbreviation frequently used to denote in a derogatory and hateful way, homosexual or lesbian women. Literally it is dyke slur, that is to say, “insult of the ditch”.

The term dyke as an insult or relationship to lesbians is born from the testimony of a doctor in the New York prison. The doctor made a medical check-up of a prisoner, and the girl confessed that she was given over to the practice of bulldiking or bulldiker referring to a relationship she had with another woman.


D slur, is considered a strong misogynistic and exclusive insult towards homosexual women.

The compound terms in the word bulldiker, have been used in English slang and are defined as: dyke which is “ditch”, referring to the vag#ina, and on the other hand, bull to its counterpart.