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El mismo aire

Definition of El mismo aire

El mismo aire”, title of one of the songs that belong to the album For the First Time by the singer and songwriter Camilo published in the year 2020. El mismo aire is a sentence consisting of 3 words, a determining article, an adjective itself and an air name.

1: Heis a singular determining article that is put before a masculine noun that serves to indicate that the speaker is a reference known to the listener. Although El is a masculine article, it can be used as a determinant of feminine nouns beginning with a or ha , for example; the water, the speech, the ax.

2: Himselfis a masculine adjective that indicates similarity or equal, this adjective originates from the vulgar Latin metipsimus, -met that was used as an emphatic element added to personal pronouns and ipse interpreted as.

3: Airmasculine name of the Latin aer, -eris, whose meaning is gas that makes up the Earth’s atmosphere, composed of nitrogen in a greater proportion continued by Oxygen and in a lesser proportion noble gases and carbon dioxide.

El mismo aire then is the emphasis that the person to whom the song is sung breathes el mismo aire of the person who sings it.

And now here in the same room we can’t breathe el mismo aire.