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Definition of Sus

To understand Sus and its meaning it must be contextualized in the modern urban lexicon, and refers to “suspicious” from the English “suspicious”. The definition it has is to give the impression that something is questionable or dishonest; suspicious.

On social networks such as SnapChat there is no overly specific meaning, despite it being used in a variety of ways. The same is true on TikTok, generally used to express disagreement or suspicion.




From an urban point of view the meaning of this abbreviation refers to suspicion in English. In this sense, the word can usually be used for any disagreement or suspicion towards someone or something.

Generally speaking, people use a shortcut to refer to something and save time. This is the case in social networks, where they use a slang instead of full sentences or phrases that take up a lot of space and take time writing them… it seems old-fashioned to them and they prefer to be cool.

This lexicon has become an essential part of social networks and this word is no exception, and not only for users of TikTok or SnapChat as users of other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Messenger and Reddit also use it, and usually even in sms they use this slang frequently.


It often happens that certain users, especially the younger ones, create new short words to make their publications and thus avoid writing sentences that are too long. So the use of such jargons in social networks has now become a trend.