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No Cap

Definition of No Cap

No cap in the social network means that he is not lying, that is to say that what he expresses is true. Cap is understood as lying and therefore No Cap means that he is not lying.

Also No cap has a literal translation which would be not to wear a cap.


To tell the truth

Not lying

To be absolutely true

Not to wear a cap


There are theories about the origin of the term No cap and all its derivatives. They probably came to TikTok because of NBA YoungBoy’s viral song “No Mentions” with which TikTokers love to make their sync lip videos.

However, in a certain context the unusual expression can take on different meanings.

For example they can be used in the context of bragging, for example if someone highlights how many cars they have or how many people they own in their DMs, they may be pointing it out to brag and using it as a way of saying “it’s totally true”.

Most trends these days have become particularly popular on the video social network TikTok, where users often fill comment sections with simple expressions like this to make communication quicker and easier.


The spread of the term increased in 2017 thanks to the collaboration of Atlanta rappers Future and Young Thug on the song “No Cap” who use the track to brag about their successes, boasting about the expensive designer cars and clothes they’ve bought thanks to fame.

Sometimes the word “No” is written on social media and accompanied with a cap emoticon.