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Definition of Squeeze

Squeeze is an Anglo-Saxon term that translates into Spanish as “squeeze” or “squeeze .” This word is widely implemented in contexts where the need arises to get the most out of something.

Squeeze in Spanish is also synonymous with “squeeze” and being “in trouble” (under a complicated situation).

Squeeze according to Cambridge

The Cambride dictionary defines it like this:

  • Press something in different ways to modify its shape and extract its content.
  • Enter, pass, advance with difficulty.

British pop rock band formed in 1974 is also known as ” Squeeze”.

Squezze play is a typical baseball phrase that originated in 1905 and refers to the play of “touching the ball” with a teammate on third base to give him the possibility to score.

Squeeze page is in Spanish a “ compression page ”. It refers to a landing web page, that is, static; which aims to extract the email data of a potential customer or follower.

Squeeze is a very popular yogurt native to Indonesia that comes with a particular presentation so that the consumer can “squeeze” and enjoy its content. The last edition of this product was Squeeze Cimory yogurt.