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Definition of Socialite

It refers to a person, generally a woman, who belongs to the upper class of society. Not only this, but he enjoys certain privileges within it and likes to be in social events of this type.


At present, diverse women are considered like part of the political socialite. Among them, the first ladies, wives and eldest daughters of diplomats or any prominent or related woman in the political sphere.


Socialité is a word that comes from the English socialite that means “worldly” or “of the world” refers to a privileged status due to social position that is known as “high society”. This term is widely used in English and describes people who have a very distinctive characteristic, and that is that they participate in various social activities. These may include fashion shows, private parties, and charity events.


The term’s association with politics dates from the 18th and 19th centuries. At that time, most of the early socialites were the wives of kings or nobles. Beyond a benefit, being part of this elite was considered a duty of these women.

Wives were to play the role of good hostesses and be nice to all of her husband’s guests. No matter how shy they might be. On the other hand, lovers of kings and nobles were also considered to be part of this group. 


Socialité is an entertainment program on the Telecinco channel in Spain. The program was born in 2017 and is broadcast on weekends.