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Definition of Terf

The term Terf, is an acronym in the English language that represents the phrase Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist, its translation into Spanish is Feminista Radical Trans-Excludencia.

It is used to describe a group of women who reject the self-denomination of transgender men as “women”. That is, they do not consider them as part of feminism.

What do Terf women demand?

The women’s group, also known as ” radical feminists”, point out that the self-denomination of gender does not mean that one belongs to the gender. Highlighting the origin of biological sex as genuine and irreplaceable.

Consequently, Terf women demand the immediate exclusion of transgenders in places that only correspond to women, for example, public toilets.  

The term and its rejection

Despite their radicalism, women do not agree to be classified as “Terf” and feel fiercely offended by the term.

Despite the fact that the acronym was originally used descriptively, this group of women feels that the term is accompanied by hatred. Consequently, they call themselves critics of the genre .

However, a controversy arises. They do not accept men who become women, but their ideology does accept women who become men; what is considered contradictory and the denomination of ” transmissoginista ideology ” is coined .

Some remarks indicate that the origin of the acronym ” Terf” emerged in 2008, added to the blog of Viv Smythe , a heterosexual activist.

Harry Potter creator JK Rowling and Terf

The author of the successful Harri Potter saga “JK Rowling ” has been part of criticism and praise, due to different publications on the subject.

In one of her most outstanding messages, the British writer and producer stated that “ only women menstruated ”, which generated the explosion of accusations, among them, they called her “Terf”.

The demands to delimit transgender men from cisgender (heterosexual) women is a never ending issue on social media and the internet.

Insults and accusations intensify hatred and part, and the goal of Terf , is to draw attention of legal bodies for decisions to be made regarding the case.