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Definition of Simp

It refers to a man who is even capable of lowering himself and humiliating himself for attracting the attention of a woman. Normally, with the aim of making her fall in love or have sex with her.

By extension the word simp was commonly used as an offense in groups of young people equivalent to fool.


The definition of Simp does not exist in the Spanish dictionary, but its origin comes from the English word simpleton which means “Person who lacks common sense, is simple or a simple person”. This word became popular because many women are rejecting some collegiate customs when it comes to interacting with men.

With this word we want to imply that attitudes such as being attentive, romantic, giving gifts and being attentive to a woman all day; they are frowned upon. Thus, one is classified as a fool who is only going to be used for complacency and not for any real interest.


Due to its popularity, the term Simp is used in many memes found throughout the internet and on social networks, many of them as a form of mockery.