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El Delicioso

Definition of El Delicioso

Sex act. This reference is used among young people and promoted by various memes on social networks.


Quality of something to be tasty or to produce great pleasure. It is used almost exclusively for food, although by extension for other different types of actions. For example, “that trip was delicioso.”


  1. Sexual act
  2. Intercourse
  3. Relations
  4. Mating
  5. Copulate


  1. Abstinence
  2. Asexuality
  3. Celibacy


The word delicioso comes from the Latin deliciousus which has the same connotation as its Spanish-speaking variant. Therefore, it is from this concept that all other meanings of the term derive and originate.

The origin of this phrase is attributed to Mexicans, since they are usually very creative when talking about the sexual act. It’s popular with 16- and 20-year-olds on social media, and it’s no surprise, because the act of sex has the most nicknames. It was taken from the original sense of the word and in addition to being used in memes it has also been seen in the media in their daily notes.


Other ways to refer to delicioso are:

The cake before recess.

Pancho’s dinner.

Squeak the cot.

Put everything but fear.

Putting on your heels facing the ceiling.