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Definition of Sicario

In the urban genre it means a person of the street, who knows all the people in the neighborhood. Also referred to the one who makes contempt in the street.


  1. Assassin or criminal
  2. Gunman


The etymology of sicario refers to the Latin plural of sicarius, which is the name given to the dagger or short sword, which in Latin is sica, and which was usually used by assassins because it was very easy to hide under the folds of their tunics.

Some definitions include sicario (from Italian) and sicário (from Portuguese).

When speaking of a sicario, it is to refer to a person who kills someone on behalf of another and for which he or she receives payment, usually in money and other goods. Some synonymous terms are, for example, hired killer, gunman and leg breaker.

The exponents and artists of reggaeton have been molding their own lexicon as well as their characteristic and particular terms to refer to parties, dancing or drugs. It is obviously derived from the language of the street and unhealthy environments.


In the context of reggeaton what is meant by sicario does not directly allude to a hired killer, but to a gangster, or someone “rebulero”.

The sicariato is a crime, and in it murders are carried out for orders, for pleasure or convenience, in most cases of young people.

Nowadays it has increased in popularity, and it is a social problem that we find mostly in the drug trafficking business, as revenge for different causes. Common criminals are recruited to provide and use them, in the most serious cases to minors.