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Definition of Constitución

The Constitución is the action of preparing, creating, founding or constituting something . The term is also used to describe the way something is made or the way its components are organized.

In politics, the Constitución is the essential law of a State, which has a higher rank than any other law, and which establishes the regime of rights and freedoms of the settlers, defines the powers of political organizations.

Purpose of the Constitución

The constitución has as one of its objectives to establish the separation of powers through the delimitation and creation of constituted powers, that is, the legislative, executive and judicial, powers that were previously intertwined.

Types of Constitución

Depending on their willingness to be reformed, they are classified as rigid and flexible. The rigid ones are those that need a complex process to be reformed, while the flexible ones to be modified do not need a complex process, it is enough to carry out an ordinary legislative procedure.

They also differ according to their political origin, there are those that were created by a treaty between different parties, by imposition of one group on another, by sovereign decision, etc.

Amendments to the Constitución

The modification of the Constitución of a State is called constitutional reform and is carried out to change the laws. These reforms according to their content can be classified as follows:

  • Innovative: They seek to introduce new rules that were not regulated
  • Updates: They seek to fortify the character of an existing institution
  • Explanatory: Its purpose is to expose the significance of a constitutional norm
  • Corrective: Its objective is to correct the articles without altering their content.consti