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Sato, Sata

Definition of Sato, Sata

In regeeaton music, it refers to a person who likes to flirt a lot, it is said of a woman who is very loose to perrear.


  1. Flirtatious, frivolous, a woman who likes to provoke
  2. Referring to a dog that is not of a breed
  3. Funny, nice, pleasant, sympathetic.

ORIGIN OF Sato, Sata

The origin of sato can be diverse, in Cuba and Puerto Rico it is called this way to women who tend to have sex indiscriminately, but without being a prostitute.

However, in reggaeton slang it can be more specific as “sateo”, which derives from “sata/sato”, refers to a person who flirts a lot or who likes to flirt a lot.

Such urban music slang is becoming part of the common vocabulary and young followers of the genre use it all the time.


The artist Natti Natasha shares with three other exponents a song that says: “dónde están las nenas que quieren sateo, sateo, sateo” (where are the girls who want sateo, sateo, sateo). This collaborative song has already accumulated more than 22 million views on YouTube. In this sense, it would indeed seem that the girls want to flirt.

Sato” or “sateo” in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico or Cuba is a common expression.