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Definition of Callaíta

Callaita can be a timida, reserved or few words woman, although this is not all that callaita means. At The Wan Shi Tong Library, we will tell you all about the meaning of callaita and why Bad Bunny used this word as a title in one of his music videos.

The word callaita is not only used as a qualifying adjective, it is also used as a mandate. For example, asking a woman not to say a word or to be silent.

Synonym of Callaíta: Shy, Quiet, Reserved, Discreet, Callao

Words related to Callaíta: Silent, Quiet, Mute, Quiet, Quiet

The word Callaíta used in a sentence:

  1. That one does not think anything, she is callaíta like her mother.


  • In English, Callaíta’s translation is Quiet .
  • example: Stop making so much noise and be quiet please.

You already know what Callaíta means