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Definition of Saoco

The term “Saoco” has its meaning in something that has flavor, rhythm, tastiness, music, joy and good movement making reference to a drum beat that calls for dancing.

Saoco is also an alcoholic beverage that is usually prepared with coconut water and rum.


  1. Rhythm, good movement.
  2. Flavor, tastiness.
  3. Joy
  4. Alcoholic drink.


This word traces its origin to Latin and Afro-descendant rhythms. This term “Saoco” is from an African lineage, quite widespread in several Latin American countries to refer generally in music, to something that has rhythm, flavor, tastiness, joy and even to refer to good hip movement.

Long before the rise of reggaeton, Cuban artists such as Benny Moré and Son Montuno had already used the word to refer to the enjoyment and celebration of music and dance.

This term takes all the sensations that a certain song produces in us to provoke us to dance and move, in addition to referring to the rhythm that the person dancing on a drum carries.

Also, according to the records of the Spanish language, saoco is an alcoholic beverage based on coconut water. Although it has other variants with aguardiente, lemon and other diverse ingredients.


Saoko”, is an urban music song that links the Spanish reggaeton singer Rosalía with Daddy Yankee and Celia Cruz.

Celia Cruz also sang with Sonora Matancera a song titled “Saoco”, a single from 1950 where she says: “Dale, dale, dale, quindale. Dale, dale, dale, dale, quinde. Saoco, on the tumbadora, Azarorí on the omelé”.

It was the name of a 2004 song performed by Daddy Yankee with the urban music duo Wisin y Yandel.