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Pato de papel TikTok

Definition of Pato de papel TikTok

This is a paper duck that is made as a craft, it is all the rage in the social network TikTok. The name of this little animal is Lalafanfan and it is recognized as a worldwide celebrity.

SYNONYMS FOR Pato de papel TikTok

  1. Craft.
  2. Lalafanfan
  3. Viral paper duck.

ORIGIN OF Pato de papel TikTok

The TikTok platform has in recent days been invaded by a paper duckling that has gone viral among users. Although it looks like a simple drawing, people have made this little animal a character with multiple costumes and even accessories. This “challenge” is said to have originated in Russia.

This paper duckling that everyone loves has small eyes and big pink cheeks. It also already has multiple templates with which they have made stories and craft routines that derive in its creation.

People explain the step by step to make the paper duck in their own style, and most of the tutorials indicate the need for materials such as pencil, compass, half a white sheet of paper, ruler, scissors and of course a template of the duck.

CURIOSITIES OF Pato de papel TikTok

This paper duck has a vast gallery of options to stand out from clothing, accessories and supermarket items.

It is worth noting that the popularity of the TikTok paper duck has escalated to the toy market and made its worldwide launch in South Korea. On Amazon its prices reach 20USD and accessories between 8 and 3USD.