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Definition of Safaera

puerto rico

It is used in to describe an intense attitude or situation of lack of control. For example: “Devil, what a safaera! ” It is the same as saying: Hell, what a lack of control!

It is said of a state in which one acts without shame or uninhibited and daringly.


  1. Uncontrolled
  2. Rumba
  3. Disrespect


This word comes from the verb “zafar” which means to release, to release, to unlock . Also, it can refer to saving yourself from a troublesome situation. It is said that someone is “off the hook”, when he gets out of his mind without thinking clearly about the actions.

From the same origin comes the famous expression “a screw came off”, used to indicate when someone acts abnormally. Whoever experiences the safaera is not shy and is carried away by pleasures, music and debauchery.


  1. “Safaera” is the title of one of the songs from the Album “YHLQSMDLG” by rapper Boricua Bad Bunny in collaboration with veteran duo Jowel and Randy and rapper Ñengo Flow.
  2. At the beginning of March 2020 the song Safaera promoted the tags “SafaeraChallenge” and the “AbuelaChallenge” on the TikTok application. There young people and grandparents danced to the sticky rhythm in the middle of the confinement by the coronavirus.
  3. Safaera is a genuine and attractive song that travels through eight different rhythms, even going back to ancient rhythms. For this reason it was described as “a reggaeton symphony“.
  4. In this song Ñengo Flow mentions the code name of the album to which it belongs, which is “I do whatever I want”.