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Sad Hunk

Definition of Sad Hunk

Phrase from English that is literally translated as “trozo triste“, that is, it is a temporal, physical or other lapse that is melancholic and is part of a whole. In other words, it can be a sad moment of a day, a melancholic span of a life, or the like.

It is generally used in the sense of expressing a “great sadness“, that is, a situation in which intense pain is experienced that does not provide hope for a promising future.


The phrase sad hunk comes from English and means “triste” and “trozo” sequentially. In this sense, its literal meaning is “sad piece”, that is to say, sad part of something. However, the use of this phrase is almost exclusive in this language to designate a “great sadness”.

When this phrase is expressed, it is done in order to determine a deep sadness that stands out among the others. It may be related to a breakup, a loss of life, or another event that is extremely melancholic and hopeless.


“Sad Hunk” is the name given to the sixth studio album by the Canadian band “Bahamas”. This album was released on October 9, 2020 and has 10 songs.

The album “Sad Hunk” was awarded at the JUNO awards as the “best alternative album for adults” in the year 2020.