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Definition of 4Hunnid

It is a word from the American urban context and means in Spanish “always one hundred”.

By extension, the word is used to proclaim oneself as the best or the one who is always at one hundred percent. In other words, it never changes or downgrades.


4Hunnid is a word that originates from the urban context of the United States. From the voice of its creator, namely the rapper YG the meaning is “always a hundred“. From that perspective, it designates something that remains in force over time.

The artist has used this word as part of his artistic and commercial brand as a self-proclamation of its validity in both sectors.


4Hunnid, is the name of a clothing brand belonging to the American rapper and urban fashion guru YG or Young Gánster. His style tends to be peculiarly urban and inspired by gang settings.

My Life 4Hunnid is a musical album by rapper YG from which his single Blood Walk is derived. Song made in collaboration with “Lil Wayne” and “D3szn”.

On the album, the rapper publishes a repertoire of music inspired by political protest, this due to the events of police violence against men of color that occurred at different times in history, especially in 2020.