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Definition of RLNDT

Acronym of the diminutive of Rolando, that is, Rolandito. It was born from the disappearance of a child from Puerto Rico in the 90s.

By extension it applies, in some areas of Puerto Rico, to someone who has been lost or who feels out of place at some point.


The acronym RLNDT was born in Puerto Rico in 1999. It all begins with the disappearance of the child Rolandito Salas Jusino that occurred on July 7, 1999 under strange circumstances. This little boy was just 4 years old when the events occurred and shocked the entire Central American country and the world.

The different media shared the news and all Puerto Ricans were waiting for what would happen. Little by little the acronym RNLDT was being shared in different media. Thus, the acronyms became the representatives of the name of that child.

Over time, resignation triumphed and people began to interpret RNLDT as a synonym for lost. This meaning is still valid and has been used for urban music.


RLNDT is the title of one of Bad Bunny’s albums, which refers to Rolandito, the missing child.

Bad Bunny in the song and the video gives the connotation of lost to the acronym. The artist expressed that this fact was one of those that marked his childhood and that is why he decided to turn it into a song.