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Definition of Riegala

Riegala is an expression that can have several meanings depending on the place and context in which it is used. If you want to know the meaning of riegala, read on and you will know.

In the first instance we can define riegala as a command, such as:

  • That plant is almost dry and needs water. Answer: riegala more frequently.
  • Those marbles are tightly knit, so please riegala a little more.

As we could see in the two previous examples, the definition of riegala can be both “wet the plants” and “separate the marbles”.

Meaning of Riegala in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, the word riegala has a concept similar to that mentioned above, but is used for other situations.

Riegala can be synonymous with ruining it, damaging it, doing things wrong, or “screwing up.” Below we will give you several examples:

  • You just regaste Julian Alberto: I already caught you kissing you with that chapiadora .
  • I will forgive you, but riegala again and I assure you that you will regret it.


  1. wet
  2. disperse
  3. separate