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Definition of Ramé

The word ramé does not yet have a concrete meaning in English, however, we could define it as everything that happens in a surprising and unpredictable way. Ramé suggests that everything has two sides, a beautiful side and another side full of chaos and problems, both of which together make for a beautiful experience.

Similarly, in French, the word ramé means branch or coming from a branch, a meaning completely different from the first but also important to know.


  1. ● To tremble
  2. ● To see beauty
  3. ● To observe
  4. ● Chaos
  5. ● Beautiful
  6. ● Unpredictable
  7. ● Surprising
  8. ● Suddenly


The word ramé comes from the Indian Ocean, it is of Balinese language and its translation really is complex since it is the set of many things, some authors define it as life itself, so complex and beautiful at the same time that overwhelms us and strives us to be better, scares us, but gives us strength to continue.

Ramé is the philosophy of understanding that everything in life involves loss and gain, positive and negative consequences and so on.

The term arose during these last years where the study of the human being has focused more on feelings, people’s experiences, etc. Ramé then tells us that everything in life has two sides.


Today there are many organizations, foundations and even many ventures that talk about how to seek the inner self, in turn, invite us to see ramé as a lifestyle.

Ramé is also the surname of a well known soccer player named Ulrich Ramé, he was born in France and today he is a coach; Kilian Ramé is another soccer player and has not retired from the game.