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Que te regalen sal

Definition of Que te regalen sal

When someone gives you salt as a gift, it can mean that he cares about you, that he has the best wishes for you and that he is looking for a way to protect you indirectly.

SYNONYMS FOR Que te regalen sal

  1. Protection
  2. Good faith
  3. Good luck

ORIGIN OF Que te regalen sal

Salt was so important in ancient times that those civilizations established in places where it was possible to have access to this precious chemical compound became very powerful. For example, the Egyptian culture was the first to export salted fish, although it was also used in mummification.

It is related to superstitions in different countries, for example: in India, giving salt as a gift is a symbol of good luck, but in Mexico, giving salt from hand to hand is considered bad luck; and there are other cultures where salt and sugar are given as a gift when someone moves to a new house to attract abundance.

There is no culture that has not been affected by this ingredient. In other regions of the world, the mineral was so precious that it had its own commercial value and came to be used as currency.

In addition to its chemical and commercial properties for many cultures, salt was associated with purity, permanence, and incorruptibility, probably due to its power to preserve food.

CURIOSITIES OF Que te regalen sal

In Tibet -according to the navigator Marco Polo in the chronicles of his travels- salt discs stamped with the image of the Great Khan were used to pay for goods.

The Roman legionaries were paid for part of their work with salt, and it is precisely from this that the payment for their work takes the name of “salary”.