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Qué onda

Definition of Qué onda

Very common expression in Latin America, especially in Mexico, used to greet a person and ask about their general condition. For example: Hey, que onda with your boss Miguel.

Very common question that is asked in the sense of “What ‘s going on ?” Or “What happened?” An example would be: Que onda with all this.


Que onda? It is a question of uncertain origin. One theory is that the word “onda” is a reference to the spiritual vibrations that a person transmits or to their energy itself. The addition of the word “good” designates that the energies to which it refers are positive in character.

when the question is asked Que onda? He wonders about what is happening or how something specific is found. Another way in which this term is used is in the function of being a simple greeting of a colloquial nature.


  1. Que onda! It is for Latin America a comedy series launched in 2011 that is originally called So Random ! It was a Spin-Off of the Disney Channel chain and had 26 episodes.
  2. Que buena onda! it was a section of a weekend television program in Colombia called “Tambien Caerás”. This section was about rewarding those people who showed altruistic attitudes in controlled everyday situations.