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Definition of Polas

The word polas in countries like Colombia and other South American countries refers to the alcoholic beverage brand “La Pola”, beer.

In fact, it encompasses several brands, only that its use is due to the aforementioned brand in specific. In turn, pola is the conjugation of the verb polir, which is rarely used, since the action is better known as pulir (to polish).


  1. Beer.
  2. To go drinking.
  3. To polish.
  4. To clean.
  5. Beers (many).
  6. Chelas.
  7. Birras.
  8. Cold ones.
  9. Blondes.


Going for polas in Colombia refers to going out to party and drinking the alcoholic beverage beer. Its use dates back to the 1930s-1940s, when a brand of beer called “La Pola” emerged in this country.

Nowadays, polas means in popular jargon, the barley-based drink. In the urban sense “to go for a few polas” is to go to a party with a beer and to be able to get a love relationship, either defined for a long time or just for that night.


One of the curiosities of this word polas is that it also refers to a style of photography.

The term when used in fashion or modeling refers to that, a photograph taken as natural as possible, making the model come out without any makeup and with a neutral background, highlighting only the physical characteristics that may have in an original way.

This type of photo is intended for people to see those imperfections that go with everyone, such as dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, scars. The word comes from the word polaroid, those old photographs taken analogically, although some time ago its use was extinct, today it has returned to have emphasis.