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Definition of Pinche

Pinche is a term used to describe someone or something that is repulsive, despicable or very petty.

It is also interpreted as something that has a very low quality, low cost or someone who is very poor.


• Despicable

• Stingy

• Low quality

• Very poor

• Stupid


“Pinche” can refer to anything, the habit of smoking, luck, police, a shirt, a dog, a house, the entire world, food, a gift, a salary or anything that comes to mind.

We are facing an epithet that is capable of degrading everything it touches. It normalizes and makes something more or less acceptable an unlimited rage against something that can offend and humiliate, but that we cannot change.

Currently, “Pinche” has different and more stable meanings, that is, it is not only used in the sense of “degrading”, as it is not known for certain when it began to be used, as nothing has ever been written about its origin.

It is true that it allows for degrees and amplifications and can have the maximum insult range such as “don’t talk to me again, son of your pinche mother,” for example.

It cannot be said that its use is limited to Mexico and its almost 128 million inhabitants, as in all of Latin America it is possible to understand what “pinche pendejo” means.


In the times of the hacienda and the latifundio, the “pinche” in Spanish common referred simply to the kitchen assistant, and without any relationship, it happens that the term with that meaning has lasted to this day.

It was born among the peons who were forced to work the land for the sake of the masters and who resented those who worked in servile occupations inside the big house.