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Definition of Pilonea

It is said of grinding a grain in a pylon, that is, moving a stone to achieve an effective grinding of each grain.

The act of giving unfounded or rumor-based news. For example: Do not believe Laura that she only flirts.

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 It refers to the action of having sexual intercourse. Exactly, it is when the woman is on top of the man making circular movements.


 Action of mutilating the ears or loosening the ears. It was a practice widely used in ancient times towards horses to prevent the theft of these animals, having an unattractive appearance.


Pilonea comes from the word “pilón” that comes from the word “pila”. From this perspective, the term can refer to many different things, however, its use makes it clear that it refers to the action of grinding. Thus, “pilonea” means that a person grinds or makes him grind.

In urban contexts it was taken to refer to a woman who in the sexual position of “the cowgirl” makes circular movements. That is, as if it were grinding. This expression is part of the group of words used in the popular Dominican language.


 “Pilonea” is titled the musical theme of dynamic rhythms belonging to the Dominican artist La Berunta. It is a musical piece released in 2014.

The urban artists “Arcangel” and “El Alfa” released a musical theme called “Pilonea” at the end of 2020.