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Definition of Sarruma

In ancient times and with the passage of time there have been many men with different beliefs, different Gods, both in the east and in the west, and “Sarruma” was one of them. Next, in we will explain everything about the meaning of Sarruma, including also what Sarruma means in the Dominican Republic.

Sarruma or Sharruma is a Hurrian god, who was adopted into the Hittite pantheon. The only Spanish translation of the word “Sarruma” is “Serpentine” and it is in Euskera, an isolated language that is mainly spoken in Euskal Herria, the old Basque region.

It is worth mentioning that the Hittites, Hatians or Hattians, were a people from the ancient East, located in present-day Turkey, the town existed from the year 2300 b.C. approximately, until the years 1700 a. C.

Origin Of Sarruma

According to the Hittites, the name of the God ´Sarruma´ means “King of the mountains”. Sarruma is the son of the Hurrian climate God ´Teshub´ and the Goddess ´Hebat´ known as the mother of the Hurrian Gods or “mother of all living things” and queen of the Gods.

Sarruma is normally depicted riding a tiger or panther and carrying an ax with him. At the exhibition museum of Anatolian civilizations in Ankara (Turkey), he is shown in various exhibitions, one of them riding a panther on the left, while another is with his father killing the dragon Illuyanka (Sarruma’s wife ended being the daughter of the dragon Illuyanka).

Curious Fact About Sarruma

  1. The name of Sarruma’s wife, daughter of the dragon Illuyanka, is unknown.
  2. He was killed by his own father Teshub, upon learning that Sarruma was being used, he told his father to take his life with that of the dragon.
  3. Prince Asmi-Sarruma was named in his honor, son of King Arnuwanda 1
  4. King Pu-Sarruma was named in his honor, although there are still doubts about his existence.

Meaning of Sarruma in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, Sarruma is the remains, crumbs or scraps that remain from foods such as bread, cheese, greaves, among many others.

Now we will show some examples of how this word can be used:

  • Look in the kitchen to see if there is sarruma for you to save and give it to the dog.
  • Yesterday there was a lot of sarruma where we ate, it is better to clean all that.

You already know what Sarruma means