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Perreo intenso

Definition of Perreo intenso

Dance style that is characterized by making movements similar to dogs when they are in mating. It is typical of urban rhythms and their choreographies, the fact of adding the word “intensO” acts as a strengthening of the action.

costa rica

In this country, perreo is the act of being a womanizing man , for this reason “perreo intenso” is playing Don Juan or Casanova with intensity.


The perreo intenso comes from “dog (perro in spanish)” for the case of the dance this is called this way due to the similar movements to this animal when it mates. The genres of urban music adopted this meaning and it has transcended time.

costa rica

In this sense, the association with canines is completely clear. A womanizing man acts like a dog “perro” looking for females. That is, it does not matter who or what it is, the important thing is to find a female with whom to have relations. The word intense only makes the phrase or assignment magnified or said with intensity.


Perreo Intenso is a song by urban artists Ankhal, Farruko, Guaynaa and Kevvo. This musical theme was released in April 2020.