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Definition of Guayo

Guayo is a common term in Latin American countries, since it is commonly known as a kitchen instrument, but depending on the geographical area, guayo gets a different connotation.

The word Guayo is the first person conjugation of the verb guayar , which means to grate or crumble something with the kitchen instrument known as grater, which at the same time is called guayo in the urban population.

As a kitchen instrument, guayo is the grater, an appliance used in cooking to obtain powdered food (solid food) or the finest pulp (soft food).

These can be made of iron or plastic and usually have different faces with holes and protruding edges of different diameters, making it easy to choose how thin or thick the final product will be.

The word guayo can be a synonym for quenepa, mamoncillo or lemongrass; fleshy edible fruit that has inside a seed wrapped in a hard layer.

Guayo is usually the nickname used by people called Eduardo.

Guayo Meaning in Other Countries

In Chile ; guayo, bollén and huayu , is a tree that belongs to the rose family and is characterized by being made of hard and colored wood. The scientific name for this is Kageneckia oblonga and the wood from this tree is used to create utensils.

In Cuba and Puerto Rico , guayo is a musical instrument made from güiro squash.

For Colombia , guayo is synonymous with a woman of little beauty or ugly, while guayo in this country is used to refer to footwear used to play soccer.

In Mexico there is a locality known as Guayo in the municipality of Comalcalco, Tabasco.

Curious fact

In the musical field there is a song of the urban genre called Guayo, by the exponents Zion & Lennox, Anuel AA and Haze.