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Definition of Dicolai

Dicolai, a term popularly used as in the Dominican Republic and closely linked to music. Next we will tell you what Dicolai means and some curious information. Shall we start?

Dicolai has a very curious origin, since it derives from the Anglo-Saxon word discolight which means disco lights This is why the origin of this word is attributed to the discolai pronunciation.

A dicolai or discolai is known as a truck or vehicle that is equipped with a set of horns with the ability to produce enough noise.

In countries like the Dominican Republic the discolai are widely used in political campaigns, these are characterized by having large horns and lights.


The discolight began to be used in Brazil in the 1940s, and there they receive the name of Electronic Trio

In the Dominican Republic it is also often called peynadora. There are also sound competitions in this country.

The purpose of these competitions is to evaluate the quality of the equipment installed in the vehicles and literally which makes the most noise.

There is a digital magazine called Discolai, this focuses on the musical part in the Dominican Republic of various genres.

You already know what the meaning of dicolai is.