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Definition of Perra

The word “perra” has many different meanings and can function as a noun or an adjective, depending on its usage. In some countries, it can even be used as a verb.

As a noun, “perra” refers to a female domesticated mammal with four legs that barks to communicate.

As an adjective, “perra” means bad reputation or unfaithful. It can be used to describe women who lead promiscuous lives or work in prostitution.

In a colloquial sense, “perra” can also refer to a fight or emotional disagreement, as in the phrase “qué perra agarró ese niño al no darle su biberón” (what a fit that child threw when he didn’t get his bottle).


  1. Cachorra
  2. Canina
  3. Prostituta
  4. Infiel
  5. Mujerzuela
  6. Mujer fácil
  7. Pelea
  8. Enfado


The word “perra” is an onomatopoeia that comes from the sound that dogs make when they bark. Initially, “perra” was used to call these animals, and later, the vowels “a” and “o” were added to distinguish between male and female dogs.

Over time, the word took on the other meanings described above.


The word “perra” is the title of a reggaeton song by the famous singer J Balvin, in which he uses a series of phrases to refer to a woman who only wants to have sex regardless of the circumstances.

Additionally, the word “perra” is frequently used in this genre of music, which often presents sex as a fun and non-committal activity.