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Definition of OnlyFans

Onlyfans, translated into Spanish is “solo fans”.

Anglicism OnlyFans is used to refer to a subscription social network very similar to Instagram, with the difference that the content shared on this network is mainly for adults.

OnlyFans Social Network

OnlyFans is an application created in 2016 by Fenix ​​International Limited. It was born as a website for “artists” where its followers can subscribe for a monthly fee in exchange for having access to its content (photos, videos and live broadcasts).

The site, founded by Timothy Stokely, has grown more reach as a platform thanks to the adult content it offers, however OnlyFans also provides a variety of other content for its users (fitness gear, chefs, artists and musicians).

By the beginning of 2021, this network has more than 50 million users around the world, of which 750,000 are dedicated to creating content.

OnlyFans Song

Only Fans remix, is a song of the urban genre interpreted by: Lunay, MykeTowers, Jhay Cortez, Joyce Santana, Brray, Arcangel and ÑengoFlow released on August 23, 2020.

The song Only Fans is related to the application of the same name. It reflects everything that a girl has achieved since she started on this platform and started generating totally explicit sexual content.

Just two months after its release, the music video already had more than seven million views on YouTube.

OnlyFans Game

It is a game application by Microsoft ideal for people who want to enjoy a fun and colorful gaming experience.

Your game options can be by time or by score. It consists of grouping as many blocks of the same color as possible to achieve a high score.