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Ojo turco

Definition of Ojo turco

Ojo turco (The Turkish eye) is an amulet used as a protective element from the influences of bad energies.


  1. Protection
  2. Amulet
  3. Bead
  4. Symbol

ORIGIN OF Ojo turco

The Turkish eye is widely known by the name of “nazar” and it is a protective amulet representing a shape of a flat drop inside of which there is an eye.

It is often used to protect against bad energies, such as the evil eye. Originally from Turkey, this amulet has a deep meaning that is deeply rooted in this area of the Mediterranean making many people have it at home, wear it as protection or tattoo it on their skin.

It is currently one of the most popular amulets that exist worldwide, and it is a very particular symbol that is almost always blue, although with different shades.

It is usually made by hand and is formed by different circles containing shades of blue ranging from dark to light, until reaching the white that we find in the center of the amulet.

Superstitiously are attributed various magical properties that prevent the natural energy of people can influence others around them, therefore this amulet is used as a protective barrier to these negative feelings.


It is believed that bad vibrations can be emitted from the eyes of people who feel jealousy or envy, and these feelings are able to send negative energies to other people. The amulet protects from all these emanations.