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Definition of Agorero

The word Agorero is one that has a broad background and history that date back to the very biblical times. Below we will show you what the meaning of Agorero is and what its etymological origins are.

Agorero is a word used to name divination of future tragic events generally with little foundation.

In this context, the adjective Agorero arises, which is nothing less than the diviner, sorcerer or sorcerer who claims to see the future.

In biblical texts this word is found related to sorcery and other esoteric rites linked to divination.

It should be noted that these acts of prediction are frowned upon, considered as sin and displease God according to the Hebrew religion.


This term has an intricate origin, since it comes from several roots, the first of which is the word Agorar.

Agorar means to predict some future misfortune, this in turn has its origin from the Latin augurāre which is translated as ‘to augur’.

An omen is something that can be interpreted as a sign or indication that some future event will occur.


  1. From this term comes the popular phrase ” Ave de mal Agüero ” which refers to a person who gives bad news.
  2. In the Biblical book of Deuteronomy the word Agorero appears, being condemned as an act not pleasing to God.

“Let no one be found in you who causes his son or daughter to pass through the fire, or who practices divination, or agorization , or spell, or sorcerer, or enchanter, or magician, or who consults the dead.”

Deuteronomy 10: 10-11