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Definition of NPC

NPC stands for “non playable character” and is an acronym understood in English as “non-playable character”, being abbreviated as NPC.

On TikTok and Twitter the term NPC is widely used because it has become a way to describe those people who have a predictable behavior, are not able to think for themselves, do not have their own criteria or behave as the majority does.

When referring to the gamer world, an NPC is a character in the game that is not controlled by another person, but rather they are part of the program and only appear to fill in the digital world.


  1. Controlled character
  2. Person with no criteria of his or her own


In traditional role-playing games an NPC is managed by the master. They do not have violent characteristics, rather they are neutral settlers only to complement the video game.

In social networks it is common to see viral videos in which people make jokes about those who in public behave very strangely. In this way they call NPC to those who do strange things, it is as if you were interacting with a character in the games.

It is very popular to use NPC in social networks as a disqualifying adjective, i.e. an insult.
From the sociological and philosophical point of view, in recent years the NPC Theory or NPC Theory became popular. The basis of this social approach that started in 2016 states that in the world there is a high degree of the population that are not human, but soulless beings who only live according to predefined standards, they just follow trends.

This theory has also been used a lot in the framework of political conflicts between the left and the right, much more so while there was Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Major media outlets around the world have cited this theory and touted its growth, including the BBC, The New York Times and The Verge.


NPCs are usually characterized by being very similar to NPC Wojak, a well-known internet meme that is totally expressionless and has a gray-colored face.