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Definition of Nolmuqta

Acronym that comes from shortening and merging the romantic phrase: “No olvides lo mucho que te amo” (Don’t forget how much I love you).

Romantic word that expresses eternal love and that is communicated through tattoos or virtual and written communication. It is equivalent to phrases like “remember that I love you forever.”


  1. Do not forget how much I love you
  2. Remember i love you forever
  3. Eternal love
  4. I love you forever


It is not known exactly when the way to shorten this phrase was born, but it is believed that it appeared in the world of tattooing. This would respond to the fact that due to the length of the sentence the term Nolmuqta originated, with the intention of summarizing the message.

Nolmuqta has become a popular choice for getting a tattoo. On the other hand, although Nolmuqta can be interpreted in a romantic way, it must be said that, this word can also be used in familiar terms alike.

Outside of the world of tattoos, it is frequently found in numerous images and messages that are shared daily on social media posts and internet sites.


On the fanpage Entre libros y café there is a publication titled “Nolmuqta” that has been shared in a massive way.

Nolmuqta is the name of an animated short film created by Diana Sharone Márquez Tapia.

There is a story starring a couple who were united in sacred marriage for half a century. It tells how they implemented “Nolmuqta” in their long love story.