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Pueblo Soberano

Definition of Pueblo Soberano

To understand the meaning of Pueblo Soberano,it is important that you know the concepts of both the word Soberanía and the term Pueblo. In this way you will get a clear view of an expression that is usually used in the field of world politics. Next, we’ll go through everything you need to know about it in a simple and timely manner. Join!

It is recognized as a Pueblo Soberano to all individuals who live under a system of active participation in decision-making,exercising sovereign power through democracy. A Pueblo is Soberano when asked decisions and their rulers are elected by popular vote in free elections.

Concepts of Soberanía and Pueblo

La Soberanía is defined as authority and autonomy, it is the legitimate power to govern. La Soberanía is one of the most essential and unique characteristics of the state, it is the supreme law and constitutes the authority for the policy-making of the State.

El Pueblo are a group of individuals united by a legal bond of a State, which must be respected in its autonomy and allowed to establish its relationship with the other Sovereign States. I always have a concept of cooperation and mutual respect.

Self-determination of a Pueblo Soberano

Pueblo Soberano is often also known as the right of Pueblos to self-determination. In the international system of state, these principles of self-determination and independence form the fundamental basis of international relations and international law.

Under the international system it is promoted that every state has the right to self-determination and to be a democratic people. However, the right to self-determination is a right of “Pueblos”, not of States, because it is people who are soberanas.

The self-determination of a Pueblo Soberano can be seen externally or internally, we show you:

External: It is related to soberanía that is; it opposes all kinds of colonialism by other nations over its territory.

Internal: It is aimed at the right of pueblos to decision-making on their political organization, cultural development, and all their internal affairs.

Synonyms of Soberanía

  • Freedom
  • Autonomy
  • Independence
  • Faculty
  • Capacity
  • Emancipation
  • Preponderance
  • Power
  • Authority
  • Influence


“The Government must be freely elected by the Free pueblo. The pueblo are free when they are socially just, economically free and politically soberano.”

 Juan Domingo Perón

“The pueblo are soberano and they will be able to investigate the operations of their representatives.”

José Gervasio Artigas

“Freedom resides only in the states in which the pueblo have supreme power.”

Marco Tulio Cicero

Goodbye Pueblo Soberano!

The quotes set out above are part of the different visions of personalities that have left their mark within the pueblo through politics. They agree that a pueblo is truly soberano when they are recognized as protagonists and not spectators in decision-making within the State. see you soon!