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Definition of Melifluo

Describe something that is sweet like honey or has some of its characteristics. In this sense, it refers mainly to foods that are sweet.

It is said in a way of speaking that is sweet, soft and delicate and that it is like a sound that is pleasant to the ear. In other words, a tender and desirable speech to listen to.


Person who knows how to treat others, who uses a certain form, tone and words that make him a kind, sweet and sympathetic individual to deal with. For example: How mellifluous that man is, although I would be cloying.


Regarding the sound, it means that it has a sweet and pleasant melody. For example, it can be someone who sings like a bird or similar.


The word Melifluo comes from the Latin mellifluus, which in turn comes from two different words. It is composed of the word mellis which means honey or sweetness and the word fluere, referring to the verb flow. In short, it means “flowing like honey”.

Applied to food, it means that they are very sweet and in the case of people the meaning can be positive and negative. In other words, a mellifluous person can be pleasant for their treatment or also considered cloying.


“Melifluo” is a band Spanish of alternative rock that formed in 2019. Their first album was released in March 2021 and “Pasado_Futuro” was called.